Hi kids!

As you know, vocabulary is very important to understand science lessons so, I would like you to revise some new words that we learning in class. Also, you will find them very helpful to understand the photosynthesis process.

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Hi everybody!

These days we have been reading the One seed story in class. This is a story about a seed which was determined to settle down and grow in the desert. The other seeds just told that this was unheard and it was impossible.

It is a story about courage, hope, perseverance, being different, and making a difference. It encourages discussion on everything from how to grow a garden, to inventors, to having ideas, to having the courage to do something you didn’t think you could do, to the fact that just about everything in this world comes from a seed. And it’s a fun story!

After reading the story they have made these fantastic drawings.

You can see the pics here.

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Hi everybody!

Yesterday,  we planted some seeds and we hope to see them grow. First we got some pots, then we put some dirt in the pots, next we planted the pea seeds and finally,  we watered them. We put the pots in the sun and in some days the seeds will germinate.

Also, our second graders took some seeds home to start their own orchard, we are looking forward to seeing their plants grow.

Meanwhile, you can see some nice pics.

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